Starting a blog

I have moved my blog from WordPress to a static site ā€” currently Atom feed is available at

Thanks for reading on WordPress up to now.

I have initiated this blog at the behest of a friend. I enjoy sharing the many things that interest me, so perhaps it will prove an effective medium, although the word “blog” reminds me of “brag” and “blah” and “bog”.

Update, 20110911: I find that to maintain the blog takes no more time than it used to to write and send the email circulars I have produced for some years. The blog vehicle allows my contacts to read it when and if they want to, and I don’t have to remember to send it to them.

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One comment on “Starting a blog

  1. lizholl says:

    *Blog* — both the word and the concept– does indeed suggest all those things. Nevertheless it is a fine medium for you and what Boswell would have called your commonplaces, you old fox.

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