Manchu dictionary done

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Since late Spring of 2009, I have been helping my teacher, Jerry Norman, get the final revision of his Manchu lexicographic material into shape for publication. Earlier editions appeared in 1978 (U. Washington Press) and 1967 (Taipei). I have typeset it (strictly, composed it) using LaTeX and checked and corrected the entries in numerous fine details, and persuaded Prof. Norman to add material on pronunciation and the script, surely important in any dictionary of a foreign language. My mother, who knows neither Manchu nor Chinese but who has professional experience as a proofreader, has read the whole thing carefully twice and suggested countless improvements to the English and the organization of the book.

Now it is done. After two and a half years, today I sent Prof. Norman the final draft of the dictionary, which I hope will see print within 12 months, as A Comprehensive Manchu-English Dictionary.

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8 comments on “Manchu dictionary done

  1. shyuemey says:

    Hooray and congratulations!
    Prof. Norman has mentioned how pleased he is with your work.

  2. William says:

    That’s great, congratulations to you and Prof. Norman. Do you know if there will be an electronic version available for purchase?

  3. [...] My Doktorvater* Jerry Norman has died, about a week after I put the last finishing touches on his Manchu dictionary. [...]

  4. [...] class I had written quickly in Python at the end of June and early July, just after the Manchu dictionary was done and while my teacher was in his brief last illness. It had been my first foray into what passes for [...]

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